Our story in the world of canines already started a few years ago, even though initially we didn’t have Bullmastiff but a Labrador retriever and a Rought collie (with which we never bred), nothing in common with one another. It’s been nearly 10 years since I started going to beauty expositions with the Labrador and thanks to him I met enthusiastic people and breeders which right now have great prestige in the scene. Some of them, now great friends of ours, taught and keep on teaching me a lot about dogs and about the world of expositions. The arrival of Bullmastiff was slightly unusual, I’ve always liked molosos and particularly the Bóxer, but as we found the Bullmastiff it was perfect, a great moloso, affectionate, joyful, calm, docile, affectionate, patient, self-confident and a guardian. What else could we ask for… Then, after changing the apartment for a house, it became the perfect moment to share life with them.

After searching information, keep on going to expositions, we acquired our first female, “Wamba Astrid de Tras la Luna” and from here I want to thank José Pedro and Begoña (Tras la Luna Bullmastiff) for showing me this wonderful breed and opening the doors of their home, and whatever the problem is they have they are always disposed to help and give advice.

We hope, as the years go by, to be able to contribute in the breeding of this wonderful race, breed with an English base and above all healthy dogs, typical and most important with the personality of the Bullmastiff.

Anna and Julià (June 2007)


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http://www.clubbullmastiff.esclub español del bullmastiff

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